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Sun City Psychological Services, PLLC

Bilingual Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Juan C. Contreras, PhD

Tx #37928

Welcome to Sun City Psychological Services, PLLC

You are seeking something, and you are contemplating that maybe you should try something different to make things better.

I would like to join you on your journey, to help you make a little more sense out of it all from a perspective that matches your worldview.

Being mindful of culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and the other identities that make you, you, I will help you find your path to cope with sadness, or just relax a little more.

Perhaps by developing new skills to reduce negative thinking, learning to cope with difficult emotions, finding new ways of being in relationships, cultivating compassion for yourself and those around you.....who knows. Your journey is yet undiscovered. There are many sights to see. Learn to be here, now...and regain the joy of being the person that you are!


Individual psychotherapy, couple's therapy, and group therapy

Psychological Evaluations

Personality, diagnostic clarification, cognitive functioning, learning disabilities

Servicios en Español

Terapia para adultos individuales, y en parejas; evaluaciones psicométricas

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1310 Montana Ave

El Paso, TX 79902